Porcelain floral headdresses: Victorian style

Porcelain floral headdresses: Victorian style

@Pecci Arte Floral, have organize its first workshop, focus in the design of porcelain floral headdresses inspired in the Victorian style. This exciting workshop, will be conducted between 5th-9th of June, and pretends to show you all the little secrets and artistic capacities of Pilar Arriaga, to design great jewels, using only, the soul of the flowers.

Wake up your natural creativity and passion for the artisanal floral jewellery

During the workshop, she will help you to design your own floral headdresses, inspired in the elegancy of the Victorian style, using French porcelain.

Pilar Arriaga and her team, are looking for your greater comfort and availability to attend this interesting workshop, for that reason, lessons will be taken during the workweek (Monday to Friday), 17:00 to 20:00 pm, in Spanish and English.

All days, Pilar Arriaga, with more than 18 years of experience in the field of the flora’s design, will use the first two hours to show you all her little secrets to design unique floral pieces. Importantly, each day during the last hour, she will personally supervise each work, in order to give you some advice to have better knowledge and understanding of the Victorian style.

The date of admission of inscriptions will open the 2nd to 26th May. You only will need to complete the form and we will contact with you in less than 48h.
Cost of the workshop is 400$ plus tax (21%).

Please, have a look on the following link to discover all the necessary materials to design your floral headdresses inspired in the Victorian style.